Channel 44 has entered a new era and today boasts a new identity, a new team, a new location, a new digital broadcasting suite and a collection of niche programs with many more in development.

Channel 44 is managed and run locally in Adelaide. The station prides itself on encouraging local talent and airing locally produced programming. It’s all about local passion and pride and commitment to promoting the best that Adelaide has to offer.

Channel 44 showcases content that appeals to a cross-section of South Australian viewers and is a favourite of car enthusiasts, gardeners, home cooks, computer geeks, 4WD adventurers, wine and cheese connoisseurs, pop culture addicts, classic film buffs, and fisherman to name a few. The programming is structured to highly engage identifiable niches, creating loyalty ‘appointment style’ repeat viewers. It’s an alternative to mainstream television and is driven by South Australian’s interests and passions. Now with a strong crystal clear signal, we have a broadcast footprint with the potential to reach 1.3 million people in their homes.

There are many new and strategic sponsorship advertising opportunities for SA businesses to communicate and truly engage with target markets. Opportunities also exist for South Australians to air entertaining, informative or educational content, so long as it’s not advertorial and meets regulatory guidelines. Sponsorship advertising is highly effective and highly affordable, and Channel 44 is the ideal way to get your message delivered to your target audience.

TV advertisement production is additional. If you don’t have a current TV advertisement we can assist here too at community prices that won’t break your budget. You can also use your TV advertisement on your Company Facebook and Website. Check out our Production Services page for more information on our suite of services.

Contact us for more information on (08) 8269 6577, email sponsorship@c44.com.au, or use the form below.