Make TV

Planning, Pilot, Pre-production, Production, Post-production, Promotion.

These are the 6 handy P’s to making your own program. Channel 44 Adelaide welcomes your program pitch! We are here to help turn your program dreams into television reality. To get started, follow the 6 handy P’s to making a program outlined below.


Planning – “Developing An Idea”

You have an interesting idea for a program so now it is time to develop it into a plan. Begin by writing a short summary of what your program is about. Elaborate into a detailed plan by considering the following:

  • What makes your program different to others?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How will the story unfold over the season?

Not sure if your plan is adequately detailed enough to move onto the next step? If you can answer the questions outlined in our Program Submission Guidelines, then you are ready to progress. Now is the perfect time to submit your pitch to us by completing the C44 Program Submission Form.

There is no need to worry if you don’t have all the know-how to complete a detailed plan. Just head over to our tutorials page (coming soon) for some helpful hints.

Pilot Episode

We loved your pitch but before your program is approved for a series you will need to produce a pilot episode. This should be as close to the quality of your intended series as possible. It is now time to put your plan into action by finalising the following:

  • Filming location
  • Set design and construction
  • Recruitment of your cast and production crew
  • Logo and graphics
  • Production equipment
  • Costs and budget
  • Engagement of sponsors

We will assess the production of your pilot and discuss the aspects that did and did not work. We want to see your program be a success!


Based on your pilot, your program has been approved by us for a series. Congratulations! Before you begin to film, you will need to do some more organising.

Organise the content of your episodes by researching topics covered by your program, writing scripts and preparing guests and cast. Organise marketing of your program by securing sponsors and sources of funding, advertising and promotion, a website for your program and photo shoots of the cast. Organise the production crew by recruiting for any unfilled roles required for your production.


Everything is finally coming together and you now start filming! To ensure production runs smoothly we suggest you create the following helpful documents:

  • Time line– Draft a realistic time line that outlines your plans for production. Allow yourself plenty of time!
  • Budget – Make a list of costs and ways you can fund your production. Costs might include equipment hire, set pieces and props, tapes for filming, and catering for the cast and crew.
  • Call sheet – This outlines the details for the shoot and includes the date and time, cast and crew contact details, location address, safety procedures, a schedule for the shoot and any other important information.
  • Run down – This is particularly handy if you are shooting in a studio. The rundown will outline the shoot minute by minute and include any technical requirements that must be fulfilled on the shoot such as microphones specifications, graphics use and vision switching.


Now that you have your footage it is time to edit the program into a series. Post-production is where you can add music, graphics, special effects and more, ensuring that your program has the wow factor. You will need an editor who is skilled enough to meet the Channel 44 Program Technical Specifications.

Once edited deliver your completed program to C44 and tune in to see all of your hard work broadcast on television!


Your program has been delivered to us but it isn’t time to sit back and relax just yet. You need to promote your program! Think about your audience and how you can reach them through marketing. C44 can assist with on-air and social media promos but you can contact newspapers, radios, distribute flyers/posters and post promotions through your digital, social media and database tools.

The C44 name and logo can only be used with our permission whereby all required C44 brand files will be provided to you. Most importantly, discuss your marketing and sponsorship strategy with us as we can give you advice and potentially work in partnership to maximise opportunities.