Keep Local TV

Time is running out for Community TV in Australia, and we need your help.

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At a time where local content and community connection is needed more than ever, Channel 44 is under threat.

On June 30 the Federal Government intends to switch off Community TV in Australia for good.
This decision is being made despite a 25 year history of servicing our local communities, providing an open-access, free-to-air platform for young and emerging screen practitioners, connecting culturally and linguistically diverse groups, creating a pathway for student journalism, supporting small business and local non-for-profits, facilitating a platform for LGBTIA+ groups to have a voice, showcasing the grassroots sporting endeavours of people like you and me.

The media landscape is changing and we’ll change with it. but to switch off Community TV when there is no planned alternative use for the broadcast spectrum it occupies would be a tragedy and a waste.

Not to mention, we could be replaced by up to five years of white-noise.
It’s not tax-payer funded and never has been.

What can you do to help #KeepLocalTV?

A big thank you to our community for standing by us and supporting us in this fight to keep local TV on TV.

Click here to email Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher today.

Click here to find your local MP.

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