What’s happening at Rumpus Theatre?

The Rumpus Theatre has unveiled its exciting new 2022 lineup!

The lineup of four new shows includes acts by The Corseted Rabbits Collective, Nate Troisi, Zola Allen, and Deus Ex Femina:

  • Di and Viv and Rose is a celebration of female relationships that’s set in the 80s and champions the voices of young women.
  • After All This is an experimental multi-sensory work that asks the questions that have plagued humanity. Do you stare into lights that are too bright, knowing you will be unable to see?
  • Coldhands is a story in response to the climate crisis and destruction of nature, set in an reimagined but probable future.
  • All The Things I Couldn’t Say is an investigation into the fear or authentic communication and our constant self-editing of how we communicate, and how that split-second decision can change our entire lives.

For more info and tickets, go to

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