Meet a Program Maker: Jack Crnjanin of New Game Plus

New Game Plus (NG+) is a community television show based out of Melbourne. With a heavy focus on new and upcoming video game releases, the program makers trial and review the games in question, providing running feedback and general tips for their audience. Since the show’s inception, the content creators have branched out into both podcasts and blog posts to further connect with audiences.

New Game Plus began airing on Channel 44 in 2018. Past episodes can be viewed online at https://www.newgameplus.tv/.

The following short interview was conducted with Jack Crnjanin, the show’s primary coordinator and editor.


When and how did your affinity for video games and video gaming develop into a fully- fledged passion?

Jack: I’d always enjoyed playing games growing up, but I found developing games too intimidating out of high school. I’d messed around on YouTube making gaming related videos, but I found that videos focusing on people’s passion had more heart than any guide or gameplay videos. After experimenting with a few different styles at conventions in Sydney and Melbourne, I took those ideas to 4ZZZ FM in Brisbane and New Game Plus in Melbourne. Over four years later, personal stories and events around gaming are still where my passion and work find me. Supporting our local gaming communities through tough times like this are what gives me the drive to coordinate and edit a show like New Game Plus.

What is your primary method for creating new and exciting content for the show? Can you please explain the process?

Jack: Ideally we’d be filming a TV show in a TV studio. However, Melbourne’s extended lockdown has meant we’ve needed to record from home. Fortunately, we’ve taken this opportunity to collaborate with contributors in Sydney and Brisbane. We’ll usually have notice of upcoming game releases so we can plan often a month or so in advance. Once the contributors and content have all been locked in early in a week, we’ll record the show Thursday night via video chat live on Twitch. Then we’ll edit the show for podcast audiences and TV.

Any words on what viewers can expect to see on New Game Plus for the rest of the year?

Jack: The gaming industry has a habit of releasing a torrent of games close to the holiday season, but this year, we’re getting new console releases, so please look forward to all the accompanying big release reviews.


Don’t forget to watch New Game Plus on Channel 44 at 10:30pm on Fridays.