SA Heritage Snaps 2020 Competition

When it comes to heritage and history, nobody does it better than South Australia. The state’s stunning landscapes and remarkable heritage sites have made it a historical paradise for many tourists. To celebrate the state’s proud heritage, South Australian Heritage Council Chair, Keith Conlon, has announced that there will be a Heritage Snaps 2020 competition that aims to display the various heritage-listed sites in SA. After its successful debut last year, the Heritage Snaps competition has been revitalised with many great prizes up for grabs.  

Amazing pictures from this year's competition

Conlon expressed his excitement about the competition saying, “We want to help showcase our 2,300 wonderful state
Heritage-Listed places and 17 State Heritage Areas.” The Council Chair continued by telling South Australians, “
Just by entering the competition, you will be helping to promote and celebrate our State’s heritage.” 

Since people have been inside for so long due to COVID-19 restrictions, Conlon said the showcase is “Great opportunity for people to learn why these heritage places are significant.” While this is a great opportunity to get outside of the house and explore the wonders of South Australia, the Chairman still encouraged people to practice safe social-distancing when taking part in the competition.   

More outstanding snaps from the current entrants

Considering there is so much heritage in our great state, there will be 8 categories to cover a variety of different landmarks and styles. 

  1.  Maritime and Coastal Heritage (Including photos of shipwrecks)
  2. Heritage Places That Have Been Changed (Showcasing Adaptive Reuse)
  3. State Heritage Places to Visit
  4. Wild SA (Natural State Heritage Places)
  5. Young Talent (Open to school age entrants under 18)
  6. Heritage and Technology (Drone photos)
  7. Professional and Edited
  8. Honouring Our Involvement in Wars (Photos of State Heritage war
    memorials, monuments or buildings involved in the war effort)

If you are an aspiring photographer or have a passion for history, make sure you enter and showcase the great sights of SA! Entries close on the 30th of October 2020. To enter or receive more information about the competition, follow the link in the description: https://www.environment.sa.gov.au/topics/heritage/heritage-photo-competitions/snaps-competition-2020