How To Get Involved With Channel 44

Are you looking to start a career in media production, but struggling to get your foot in the door? Here at Channel 44 we’re committed to supporting up and coming media students to create the next generation of broadcast professionals. The experience you’ll gain through our volunteer program can be an invaluable resource in securing your future in the media industry.

As a media student in Adelaide it can be difficult to find the real world experience that so many employers demand. At Channel 44 we want to give you the opportunity to develop your skills amongst a team of similarly minded volunteers. You can even go above and beyond to head your own volunteer project. As placements are in high demand, we are only accepting students or graduates of a media course on a tertiary level. Although we offer a number of media production positions such as editing and broadcast operations, there are several other volunteer options you may be interested in. These include:

  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Sales and Community Engagement
  • Digital Content Management

Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work alongside a local broadcast production team and learn all you need to know about the industry. For volunteers willing to go the extra step we provide the option to head your own project and gain experience in a leadership position.

Some of our volunteer run projects include:

A set of interviews for National Student Volunteer Week 2020, hosted and produced by Cheryl Wong

Couch 44

🎉 Happy National Student Volunteer Week #NVSW20!💙 Our reporter Cheryl has interviewed University Staff about career & employability advice during the COVID-19 pandemic to create a checklist for student volunteers 💼You will be hearing from:🎤 Rosslyn Cox from The UniSA+ Award, University of South Australia🎤 Ursula Bronicki from The Flinders Horizon Award, Flinders University🎤 Philippa Hook from Adelaide Graduate Award – The University of Adelaide, The University of Adelaide💙 This series focuses on how self-development programs in universities can support students aged 15-25 to land a job despite the downturn in the current job market. 💙 Be sure to jot down these valuable tips and advance your career with student volunteers representatives Sioban, James & Nirmit!! 📺 Thanks to Channel 44!

Posted by Channel 44 on Sunday, 9 August 2020


Couch 44, a youth-focused chat show filmed at the C44 office hosted and produced by Ava Viscariello & Brennan Lockwood

🛋Couch 44: Episode 1 – Stacy Says 🛋

🚨NEW SERIES CHECK 🚨We're absolutely chuffed to announce the first episode of our new digital series, Couch 44! This series was conceived, produced and edited by our team of amazing C44 volunteers who felt that Adelaide was in dire need of a local youth-based chat show. Our first episode features local musicians Stacy Says just prior to the Laneway Festival Adelaide. Watch on to see what these talented women have to say about the music scene in Adelaide, the story behind the band and the importance of females supporting each other in the industry.A big shout out to Soda Objects for supplying us with this fabuous retro couch and arm chair. Stay tuned for more Couch 44 coming soon!

Posted by Channel 44 on Friday, 21 February 2020


Adelaide Fringe video reviews for the 2018 & 2019 festival season, reviewed, filmed, and edited by Rob Staines

The Otherworld: Fringe on 44 Review

The Otherworld is a macabre depiction of legends, fairy tales and mythical creatures featuring various aerial acts, acrobatics, fire, live original music and more. 🌑🔥In three words: dark, hypnotic, youthful. ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 stars from Fringe on 44 Reviewer Rob. On at Gluttony until March 16th, presented by Olio Circus.

Posted by Channel 44 on Monday, 11 March 2019



How to Apply

To apply for a placement at Channel 44 send a copy of your resume to contact@c44.com.au along with our C44 Volunteer application form. Make sure to include your areas of interest as well as any experience or skills relating to the position you’re applying for. Please note that we cannot respond to every application due to the high demand. If you’re unable to contact us through email, you can also post your application to:

Channel 44 Adelaide
c/o ABC Collinswood
Level 3, 75 North East Road
Collinswood SA 5081

Building your Resume

Trying to put together a resume that properly shows all the skills and attributes you bring to the table is a tricky job. It doesn’t get any easier when you think about how many others you’re competing against. These tips are a good way to make sure your resume is functional while also standing out from the crowd.

1. Take out the Clutter

It’s easy to feel like because your experience is lacking, you need to include everything and anything that can add to your experience. Instead, consider focusing on one or two items that relate you to the position you want, and doing a deep dive on exactly what you gained from that experience and how you can apply it.

2. Keep it Simple

It’s natural to want to impress, but your resume isn’t the place to flex your design skills or show off your writing talent. Keep the language basic, and avoid fancy graphics and tables that require extra interpretation by the reader.

3. Tell us what makes you a good fit

Make sure to keep the focus of your resume on the skills and traits that you can bring to the team. If you have experience in video editing, send us a link to your YouTube channel; if you’re a budding journalist, we’d love to read your blog or published articles. We want to hear about what makes you a good fit for Channel 44 and what you’re looking to achieve through a volunteer role with us!