The Adelaide Comedy Podcast is Back!

Adelaide Comedy has teamed up with community broadcasters Radio Adelaide and Channel 44 to revive the popular Adelaide Comedy Podcastfrom a seven-year hiatus plus a run of six live shows! Meet Australia’s most loved and up-and-coming comedians as they chat with host and Adelaide Comedy Producer & Promoter Craig Egan about where they came from, the ups and downs of making people laugh for a living, and their favourite memories and tales of performing in Adelaide.

Each week, The Adelaide Comedy Podcast will feature established and emerging comics as they recount the experiences that have defined their comedy and careers. The first three episodes are available now on all major podcast platforms, featuring Tessa Waters and Boo Dwyer, Demi Lardner and Chloe Black, and Lindsay Webb and Kel Balnaves.

Further information and tickets are available now here for The Adelaide Comedy Podcast Live at Rhino Room during the Adelaide Fringe.

Episode 1: Tessa Waters and Boo Dwyer
Craig chats to Melbourne comedian and Fringe wife Tessa Waters, along with Boo Dwyer, the British musical comedian behind Titty Bar Ha Ha who now calls Adelaide home.

Episode 2: Demi Lardner and Chloe Black
Craig chats to self-described “horrid little troll in boy skin” Demi Lardner and Tasmania’s Chloe Black, who both started in the Adelaide comedy scene before pursuing careers interstate.

Episode 3: Lindsay Webb and Kel Balnaves
Craig chats to Adelaide comedian and actor Kel Balnaves and Queensland’s Lindsay Webb, who in 2019 will celebrate ten years of performing at the Adelaide Fringe.