Film Festivals


Channel 44 is super excited to announce that we are now a proud supporter of the SAGA Adelaide International Women’s Film Festival. We could not think of a more appropriate time to begin this partnership than yesterday, on International Women’s Day.

SAGA is a new, grassroots film festival that creates a platform for women and girls to tell their own stories, to shape their own narratives and to define themselves before they are defined by others.

If you consider that 93% of directors are male, then the question must surely be “where are the women’s stories? What’s happened to them?”

Well, some of them are here, at SAGA. Other than creating a great volunteering experience and building a community around filmSAGA is about screening these films, telling these untold stories, in all their diversity and wonderfulness. 

SAGA is calling for entries now, so if you know any amazing female directors, writers or producers let them know!

Find out more information on SAGA here.