Thank you, Kate Ellis!

Earlier this week, we received a lovely letter from Kate Ellis supporting Channel 44 and what we do.

Ms Ellis is forwarding a letter of recommendation to Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield in support of a broadcast licence extension.

We are SO appreciative of this support. We love what we do and want to stick around for years to come. This is entirely possible if we keep fighting!

If you also love what we do, click the button below to contact Senator Fifield and tell him how important C44 is to you.

Possible points to include:

  • We provide valuable industry experience;
  • We support local, and support the arts;
  • The person who writes the newsletter is a legend; and
  • We are a platform for a variety of voices in the community.

Actually, maybe don’t include that third point. But DO add what C44 means to you. It’s important to get our message out there!