Welcome to the NEW new C44 website!

By C44 Adelaide, published on 09 Aug 2017

You might notice some changes in the Channel 44 website and apps.

We've recently changed service providers, which will allow us to make our presence on the interwebs more dynamic and easy for us to keep updated and relevant.

For starters, we've got this here blog!  For breaking news and day to day chit chat, social media is still the best place to find out what Channel 44 (and the whole of Adelaide) is up to, but for longer or more Official communication, we'll put them here.  Media Releases, C44 in the press, and maybe even some hints and tops on making a TV show, check back here!

As we nail some of the new features on available, we'll add them to the platform.  There's some great stuff coming that will make for a better experience for our audience.

Our apps will be quiet for a while - there'll be a bit of behind the scenes work to get them working with the new platform.  Don't delete them yet - it should hopefully just be a matter of updating your current app when the time comes, and it'll magically start working with the new platform.  Hopefully...

Thanks for your patience, and if you have any feedback or comments on the new platform, please get in touch and let us know.

- Jason